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Design Inspiration – Here’s where to start

2 minute read

If you’re starting out as a designer you’ll want a hefty list of go-to sources to keep your creative juices flowing and stay up-to-date with the latest goings on.

Or, maybe you’re curious about the ways in which the industry is moving and want to get a sense of what sort of designs are currently paving the way. 

We’ve compiled some of our favourite resources for keeping on top of inspiring work across the world to get you started and tickle your taste buds.

It’s worth adding that, while these sites are all strong jumping off points to get you excited – real inspiration often takes place offline. 

Design resources

siteInspire: A showcase of the latest in website design, one of the most revered places to discover sophisticated websites.

siteInspire gives a great sense of the limits and preferences for current website design, while giving preference to those that champion clean, simple designs without excessive gimmicks. There’s no better stamp of approval than having a website design featured here. 

Brutalist Websites: If siteInspire favours the more minimalist design side of things, then Brutalist Websites is here to satiate your appetite for the more imposing ones.

Proving that the eye is truly in the beholder, Brutalist’s curation of websites represent designs that may at first seem out of step with what’s on trend, but in actual fact demonstrate the breadth of possibilities and tastes when it comes to design.

Behance: An absolute must for any designer, budding or otherwise. Owned by software company Adobe, Behance is a social media platform which allows its users to discover and showcase creative work.

Think of it like if Instagram was for design projects. You can create a profile and upload your own work to be discovered, or browse the site and save the ones that catch your eye.

Awwwards: Aimed at bringing you the best of design every day. Recognising the talent and efforts of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world with awards and prestige granted by a panel of experts.

It’s become a meeting point where designers can find inspiration, share experience and get constructive feedback from like minded professionals. 

Designinspiration: Design Inspiration truly does what it says on the tin. It’s an image and colour search engine that allows you to create mood boards and find art, design, logos, photography, app and UI designs to be used as reference points and inspiration. 

Muzli: A feed with design inspiration, news and trends curated exclusively to your tastes.

Each time a tab in your browser is open Muzli delivers the latest creative news and design projects which gives you no excuse to not be up to speed with all the latest design goings on, in turn helping you distinguish your taste – what you do and don’t like in design.  

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