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Let’s hear about you. Don’t worry if you haven’t taken a conventional academic route, there’s no right or wrong answers, just some multiple choice questions to find out about your talents.


Are you good at maths?

When you use a website how much do you care about how it looks?

If you are trying to solve a difficult problem, what steps do you like to take?

What type of games do you like to play?

How do you like to work with people?

You are asked to give a presentation to a room full of people, how do you feel?

You are talking to the owner of a company that has designed the most popular app of the year. Which of these questions would you most like to ask?

You and your friends are organising a friend’s surprise 21st birthday. Which role would you like to play in the preparations?

You are managing a sports team and are preparing for an important game. You only have one hour to prepare, what do you choose to do?

Which of these subjects most interests you?

Personality Quiz
The challenge is to organise that data and work out what to do with all of it. It’s a huge task, but you’re good at spotting trends and predicting things before they happen, so explore the roles below.
The Developer
You think outside the box, you’re patient, good at spotting mistakes and you don’t get knocked back when you make a mistake, that’s important because even after you’ve learned to code in 8 languages, you’ll still make mistakes every day.
The Designer
We don’t mean designing graphics or physical objects, but applying yourself to bigger challenges; creating the experiences, environments and systems which shape the way that people interact with the world.
The Manager
It’s not just people that need managing, but projects and systems. Using your organisational and communication skills you’ll make sure that things run smoothly and problems are quickly identified and resolved.