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Brand new episodes launching this year!

THIS IS HOW is back with six brand new podcasts dropping bi-weekly until the end of the year.

For those of you that don’t know, THIS IS HOW goes behind the scenes to discover the job roles shaping some of the most influential brands and companies in culture. From Depop to TikTok via Facebook, and plenty inbetween, THIS IS HOW leaves no sector unturned.

The podcast

We speak directly to people just like you from a range of roles, to find out what a typical day looks like for them, how they landed the job and what type of education and courses can be essential in getting there – or not – as well as so much more in between.

Guests impart their own words of wisdom and advice for people currently considering their own career paths and what might be needed in order to get there.

Tips and tricks on CV building, what programs and software are needed for what kind of jobs and where to find them (and whether or not they’re free) – THIS IS HOW is not only a career jump off point, it’s an important resource to help you progress in whichever digital direction you want to.

Listen to episode 12 with Natalie at Facebook and find out exactly what it takes to be an Account Manager at Facebook. Or in episode 11 with Laila Katumba, who’s a full stack developer at fashion brand All Saints.

Because how are young people supposed to make the right choices to pursue a particular career path if it’s not even clear what the jobs themselves involve? Or without being fully aware of all the professions that exist out there?

By chatting to people in digital jobs we hope to demystify their roles and in turn help you figure out the right one for you, one person, company and role at a time. 

Because everyone has a story to tell and a journey they’ve been on. THIS IS HOW is here to share how they got to where they are. 

Discover the skills you need to get the job you want.

Feeling inspired? Check out the latest THIS IS HOW podcast episodes, where we speak to the people forging new digital careers inside the brands you love.